It’s been a few years since I sent out Christmas cards. I start thinking about them at the end of November & I try to get a decent photo of us together, but that never seems to work and when I finally get one of the kids where they aren’t pulling hair or going nuts, then I have to figure out where we’ll order them from and then I have to locate our list of addresses & figure out our budget for cards + postage and by that time it’s December 20th…..


So, to all of you who have sent us cards: We love them! We do. We proudly display them. And don’t let my lack of a reciprocal card make you feel neglected.

This year, I am conceding defeat. I will be sending out an e-card. Maybe. If I get it worked out. But, to prevent this problem from occurring again, I did grab all of the envelopes from last year’s Christmas cards (yes, they were saved in a stack….. because I needed the addresses….) and I went ahead and started our address list file.

So next year if I manage to get a card together, I”ll already have the addresses ready.

I sure hope that helps.

What about you? Do you send cards each year?