So, I have a cough. A big, nasty, cough-up-your-lung cough. The doctor gave me some serious medication yesterday, but told me to only take it at night. The pharmacist reiterated: do not drive on this medication, do not watch children on this medication, in fact — only sleep while medicated.

So, I took the meds and promptly passed out.

Very vaguely I have the memory of sitting up and sending a text before passing out again. Very vaguely I remember thinking “What’s that magazine I read on the pot today?” (TMI, I know….) and then I remember thinking “Oh, yeah! Ladies Home Journal!” (When in fact, it was actually Good Housekeeping….)

So, as I woke up and started remembering these strange pieces, I began getting very, very scared. Who did I write to and what on earth did I write?

Then I got more afraid when I realized I had written Army MacSki, my friend Nanny MacSki’s hubby. What did I say about toilets and women’s magazines to him?!?!

I was relieved to see that he had written me a comment about some creative writing he had done and I had merely replied that I was stealing it & contributing it to The Ladies Home Journal. No mention of toilets or anything obscene or embarassing. Still, tonight I am giving Raylo my phone and asking him to keep it away from me. I don’t want to get in trouble again for Texting Under the Influence.