A few days from now Raylo has to go to Little Rock two days in a row. I figured we’d tag along and harass him have some fun in the Big Ole City. So, I searched for “Little Rock Activities for Kids.” Several lists came up. One of them had a picture of a playground & a pretty cool description of a special preschool area. I tried to find more information about this place. Is it a park? An indoor playground? They were rated pretty highly on the list of things to do, so I didn’t think it would be hard to find more information. I searched for the name of the place & thought I must have it wrong. So, I searched again by name and address. Yup. This list was recommending that I take my kids to a playground at a homeless shelter.

Can you imagine? The home-full middle-class family with a minivan pulling up at a shelter & telling our kids to just take over….?

Don’t get me wrong — I am in NO WAY making fun of this shelter. They deserve to have one of the best playgrounds in the city! These kids deserve to have some amazing amenities! And they deserve to have them uninterrupted by the relatively rich. I still don’t know how this spot got on that list. Puzzling….

Next I checked the weather channel. They are predicting good weather. If that holds true, we will be going to the zoo.