We’ve got more to do this week for Halloween than the past 4 years combined. Thursday at the girls school was costume day and party day.

We had lots of class parties when I was growing up. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day…. we’d use anything as an excuse to have the room moms bring in cookies and punch. But, the only moms who ever came were the ones who were responsible for that party. So, my mom would come at Christmas and maybe show up at my birthday with some cookies or something, but she would graciously bow out of the Halloween or Valentine’s party. She wasn’t signed up. It wasn’t her deal. And, you know, I don’t think she was sorry to miss those rockin’ parties. It’s not like she loooooved sitting at my first grade desk and watching me overload on sugar.

So, when the girls’ teachers sent home notes about their upcoming Halloween parties, they included a note that went something like this: “Due to the classroom size, each child is limited to one visitor for the party.” What? A visitor? Apparently it’s the deal that all of the parents show up for the party. I guess it’s to take pictures of the kids. But, when I got there for Peanut’s 2 year old class party, none of those kids were willing to cooperate. They had been woken up from their naps and ushered into a room where a plate of cupcakes, bananas, grapes, and cheese squares awaited them. (PS to their teachers: THANK YOU for giving them more than sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar!) And, next to every kid was at least one parent. Some were standing, some where trying to sit on the little 2 year old chairs, all of them had cameras pointed at their kid. Since there wasn’t really anything else to do, I joined in and took tons of pictures of her eating.

In this one you can see traces of purple icing on sweet Snow White’s mouth. She was giddy with joy that the cupcakes had sprinkles. Or “spinkles” as she says.

Here she is with her treat bag, which was promptly devoured. At this point, I let the treat bag distract her as I slipped out to go down the hall for Bean’s party. Once again, we were full of parents watching their kids eat.

Beanie’s room was packed out with parents, too. She was very glad I showed up, but fortunately understood that I had to split my time between the two parties. Since 4 year olds require less maintenance during a party, I actually got to talk to some of the other moms. Still, I took plenty of pictures of my Princess Ariel eating.

Oh, and cheetos were in abundance at both parties. By the end of the day, the entire school was covered in a fine mist of orange powder….

Then we headed down the hallway to pick up Sis. This offered a chance for them to bug each other.

The important thing is that these girls had fun. And went home with sugary candy.

They also got a pair of Halloween glasses. Peanut is loving these….!


What about your kids? Do all of the parents show up for the parties? Is this something that will only happen while my kids are in preschool? Or, will I still be going up to school for parties when they are in 5th grade? Nope. I’ll bow out for sure by then.