After yesterday’s post on my abhorrence of the color of orange, I went to cook dinner. I made shrimp etouffee. (Ok, I defrosted & heated it.)

It’s orange.

We had rice, veggies, & bread as a side. Then, I made a dessert: Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake. (Yes. It is that good. Michelle, I thank you for the recipe!)

That cake? It’s pumpkin, so it’s orange, too.

The table was full of orange food.

So, I have to make an addendum: I don’t decorate with orange, I don’t wear orange, I don’t craft with orange. Orange food? Bring it on.


P.S. I wasn’t hungry tonight so my dinner was a bunch of Chee-tos & an orange-wrappered Reese’s. I know you are all awed by my healthiness. Awed.