I have a confession to make. It doesn’t come as a shock to many of you. Anyone who has ever crafted with me knows this: I hate orange.

I don’t know why. I’m not sure what memory is supressed in my psyche that causes me to see anything orange and say “Blech! That’s ugly!” Small accents of orange are acceptable, but if there’s too much orange in something, then I won’t use it. I won’t buy orange fabric. I won’t buy orange paint. I won’t buy something that’s orange to put in my house. No orange clothes. No orange flowers.

This is only a problem once a year: Halloween. I just can’t bring myself to deck out the house or the yard for the holiday. I don’t like creepy decorations, so that’s out. I don’t like orange, so harvesty decor is also out. No orange pumpkins, no orange leaf wreaths, no orange bunting or flags or banners.

Some of you may accuse me of hating orange since I went to Texas A&M. Although our rival’s colors are burnt orange & white, I can assure you of the following things: a) I am a very bad Aggie (known as a 2 percenter) & b) My hatred of orange pre-dates me liking A&M.

It may have it’s roots in my middle school band shirt I was forced to wear — bright orange. ICK.

What about you? Is there a color you just don’t like in any manifestation? Or is this just my own weird anomaly? (Don’t answer that last question…..)

I’m off now to buy some non-orange pumpkins & gourds for decorations. Because that’s how I non-orangely roll.