I obviously haven’t been blogging much lately. I have been reading a lot. I wanted to share a few great ones with you.

First off, the hot pink cover and rather sassy title of this book stood out on the library shelves. If you ever watched an episode of Little House on the Prairie when you were growing up, then you’ll definitely need to read Confessions of a Prairie B*#&h by Alison Arngrim. Yup, it’s Nellie’s memoir!

Dude, this book was so good that I read it in 2 days. In addition to her very interesting family history, you also hear about how she got into show business, all kinds of crazy behind-the-scenes stuff, and some downright hilarious stories. Apparently Alison and Melissa Gilbert (a.k.a. Laura Ingalls) were actually really great friends. They were in the grocery store together one time and the customers tried to save “Laura” from mean old “Nellie.” And then there was the time that a school thought it would be a good time to have Nellie & Mrs. Oleson come in costume and the schoolgirls tried to beat her up….! (Apparently there were a lot of people who couldn’t separate fictional tv from reality when it came to that show….)

This isn’t just a memoir of showbiz life. It also tells of the trauma and abuse that she suffered in her family and how she chose to survive. As an adult she got involved with a group called PROTECT that lobbied to change some pretty dreadful laws. As late as 2002, when the organization began, the punishment for someone who molested a relative was barely a slap on the wrist. If a person molested a child outside of their family, there were strict laws. But, if it was a relative, sometimes jail time wasn’t even considered. Alison spoke before state legislatures to help strengthen all laws and increase consequences for anyone who perpetrated abuse against children. (Bravo, Ms. Arngrim!)

As you can tell from the title and the preceding paragraph, this isn’t a book for you to get your 8 year old to read. But, I found it fascinating and a good read. I give it a solid 4 stars.

I also have been rereading more of my Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter Whimsey Mysteries. I just love ’em. If you are looking to get started with the series, you can always pick up a collection of short stories. Or, start with the first book, Whose Body?

I actually discovered this series by accident at a small used bookstore in Turkey. This overstuffed and badly organized shop had a teency English-language used section and I found book #2 there for 3 lira.  Clouds of Witness is full of great character development and an interesting story. Sayers knew how to write a mystery that keeps the ending a surprise. If you like mysteries, British novels, or 1930’s-era stories, then this book would be good for you.

According to my rating system, 5 stars are only given to books that I would own and read over and over. Since I do own this book and I like it enough to cart it back across the ocean & through several moves with me and I have actually read it through several times, then this book not only deserves a long run-on sentence of description, but also definitely earns 5 stars.

What have you been reading lately?