We went to the fair the other night. The girls have never been to a fair before. I tried to find pictures online to show them, but all I could find were pics of massive fairs like the Texas State Fair. (Which is completely awesome. Completely. You should go. I should go. It’s going on now! Too bad I live too far away…. boo hoo hooooo!)

Ahem. Excuse that digression.

They rode a train. Peanut INSISTED that I ride with her. Then she got in the car with Bean. So, I rode next to our little friend H. No, I didn’t just meet this random cute, sweet little 2 year old…. that would be creepy. H is my bud Nanny McSki’s little girl.

Here’s the shot of us going round and round the teency track with me crammed in a teency seat. H is actually having a good time, although here she looks terrified. Perhaps terrified of me…?

This ride reminded me that I get verrrrry dizzy on any ride that goes in a circle. So, I was done for the night.

So, next Beanie wanted to ride something called The Dizzy Dragon. That was definitely out for me. Instead, Raylo and Bean hopped in with Nanny McSki and H. The kids loved the spinning & whirling. I was very surprised that no one puked.

Peanut wasn’t getting on the Dizzy Dragon — no way. So, she watched the ride next to it and kept begging for the helicopter. When the other girls were sufficiently Dizzied and Dragoned, we put them on the helicopter. I think this was Peanut’s favorite ride of the night.


Then we got some reeee-diculously priced fair food & I wished I had just packed sandwiches. The girls then wanted to go to this little fishing game. They could use the rod with a hook until they managed to pull up a plastic shark — guaranteed winning. I thought it would cost a ticket or two or just a buck. Nope. 3 bucks each. Then, when they both won, what did they pick? Did they pick the princess crown? Nope. The little coin purse? Nope. The dolly? Nope.


Loud. Squeaky. Obnoxious plastic horns.

Now, as a former trumpet player, I was proud that they were shaped like trumpets. But, as a human over the age of 8, I was absolutely annoyed by the honk honk honk. It was worse than a 6th grade beginning band class.

Sadly, Bean’s broke before the evening was up. Peanut’s is now an oft-fought-over item in our house.

The lady working the fishing game told me that after one fair they had packed up & were driving out to go home. All along the highway for the next half mile were their plastic horns. Apparenly quite a few parents decided that enough was ENOUGH and had disposed of the horns.

Then there was the carousel…


(That’s Nanny McSki’s Army hubby with Beanie.)

And the motorcycle ride….

Then came the petting zoo. The girls could feed carrots to all kinds of animals. Sheep, goats, cows, and even antelopes. Ok, I was the only one who fed the antelope and it was icky. Very slobbery and snotty and goopy.

KarenD, I thought of you when I saw this particular cow. Nope, not because you in any way resemble a cow or a cowherd or even a dairymaid. But because this isn’t a regular Holstein or Hereford.

It’s African Watusi Cattle. Although I couldn’t see any doctor pepper, grenadine, vanilla, or half and half everywhere. Well, I guess the cow could give milk to make half and half….

Overall, the girls had a really great time at the fair and have begged every night since to go back. Considering the high admission price, the ridiculous ride ticket prices, and the redonkulous food prices ($4 for a stinkin’ corn dog? Come on!), that was their one shot for the year. But next year I’ll pack sandwiches for us and avoid the greasy re-heated corn dogs and we’ll have more moolah for other stuff.

What about you? Have you been to a fair this year?