I’ve been sick with some nasty virus that’s been going around. It feels like a sinus infection + sore throat + aches & pains, but a blood test confirmed that it can’t be bacterial. So, it’s the nasty can’t-really-do-anything-but-wait-it-out virus that half the town has.

Poor me.

Since I have spent so much time in bed or on the couch for a week, I’ve had the time to ponder many very important things. One of these things: my pillow and the increasing frustration I have in finding a decent one.

Really, people, is it too much to ask to find a pillow that won’t turn into a flat lump of uncomfortable worthlessness in 2 months time? I’ve bought expensive pillows (well, $15 each… that’s pricey to me), cheap pillows, firm pillows, soft pillows, medium pillows….. I’ve actually spent a lot of money over the past few years trying t find a pillow that won’t need replacing so quickly.

It’s driving me nutso.

Therefore, I’ll ask you wise sage-like people to tell me about your pillow. Should I just shell out the big buckaroos for a pillow that won’t go flat? But what if I don’t like it? Should I just deal with it? Should I just learn to sleep standing up so I don’t need a pillow?

These are the questions that have run through my mind. Please… comment and discuss.

Thank you.