School started this week.

Peanut was happy about it.

Bean, not so much.

It’s only 2 days a week.

And she knows a few kids from the summer program.

And she met the teachers at the open house.

But she was still pretty nervous.

But, at the end of the day, she was excited and had enjoyed herself. And, the day was even better when we went to get ice cream.

I let her dump almost as much crap as she wanted in her cup of froyo. It was actually barely any yogurt & mostly just cereal, more cereal, a bit of cereal, some M&Ms, gummy bears, and about 3 sprinkles.

Peanut had a more subdued bowl. But she was supremely happy.

She had a lot of sprinkles, a lot of fruity pebbles, and a lot of gummy bears. Joy in a cup.

So, I had two happy, ice-cream-laden girls with messy hair.

And at least I did get this one great shot of them together in the morning. It seems that the only thing that could make Beanie smile was some sisterly consolation…