Bravo to KarenD for trying the Strawberry-Watermelon-Diet-Dr Pepper she suggested….. And I find her facial responses to be hilarious! Plus, she has the cutest video sidekick I’ve ever seen. šŸ™‚ But, I won’t be trying Ian’s suggestion any time soon….

For those of you wondering what a Waco Watusi is…. KarenD & I used to live in Waco & we would go to this place called JD’s. They had all kinds of mixed soda drinks. I guess they were trying to be a modern soda fountain or something. Anyway, they had this one thing called a Watusi. Now, if someone had told me what was in it before I tried it, I wouldn’t have tried it. But, I did and it was amazing. So, we’d make it at home all the time. Here’s the recipe for JD’s original Watusi:

The Watusi
crushed ice
Dr Pepper
grenadine or cherry syrup
vanilla extract
half & half

Fill a glass with crushed ice. Pour Dr Pepper in to the 3/4 line. Add a small bit of vanilla (maybe a teaspoon?), a nice splash of cherry, and then top off the glass with the half & half. This drink not only looks really cool in the glass, but it tastes fabulous!

So, KarenD came up with a way to get a similar flavor from Sonic: Order a Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper Blended Float. I tried it yesterday and I only have on thing to say: HOLLA! It was absolutely amazing. I loved it. I will get it again 100%.

Check out KarenD’s blog. She not only has 2 sweet & funny boys, but she also does lots of great crafting with them. I love to see what they work on together!