So, you know it’s time for mab to do laundry when the only decent thing she has left to wear out of the house is a skirt…

But, although I have been washing several loads every day for the past few days, I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Where were all of these dirty clothes coming from? But today I figured it out. Peanut and Bean have learned where the cup towels and dish cloths are kept in the kitchen. If they want to wipe something up (even something imaginary), they get one out, take a brief and useless swipe at it, and then throw the towel into the laundry room. You would think that this means I have a very clean kitchen. Trust me: The few spills and spots they manage to actually get up pale in comparison to the wake of mess and debris that the girls leave behind them.

Bean also loves to pull out several wardrobe options. But, instead of putting up what she has decided not to wear, she throws them in with her clean clothes. This does not mean she puts them in the hamper. Oh, no. She just throws them in a pile in her toybox. Because apparently that’s where toys, dirty clothes, & clean clothes all go to hang out.

The clothes I have managed to wash (which somehow didn’t include a single pair of jeans, shorts, or capris for myself…???) are in baskets everywhere. I put away what I can, but it’s been such a week. And I was still so puzzled about all of my clothes… where were they?

Then, after dinner tonight, RayRay tried to put his hands in his pockets. He started looking closely at his shorts and pulling at the waistband. Then he looked at me with a puzzled look and said “Are these your shorts?” Yup. Mine. They had been put in his closet. And he wore them for about an hour before he noticed that he had on girl shorts.

All while I had to wear a stupid skirt because I could find nothing else.

The laundry is plotting against me…..