Last night we had the Mo family over for dinner. We ate shrimp & grits, tomatoes rockefeller (thanks, Laura! They were fabulous!), black-eyed peas, salad, bread, and strawberry shortcake cake. Then we all sat up until midnight talking and laughing. And by all, I mean me, Raylo, Bean, Peanut, MoMo, DaMo, and their daughter MeMo.

Needless to say, today is a tired and cranky day around our house. 🙂

So, while MoMo helped me draw the random winner of the $15 Sonic gift card, I didn’t have time to post it. We were too busy eating our weekly ration of butter in one sitting. But, without further ado…. Here’s the winning crazy Sonic drink that chose:

#44…. KarenD

Strawberry watermelon diet dr pepper

This may not seem too crazy to some of you, but I am getting positively queasy. See, the strawberry isn’t just flavoring… it’s chunky. And, I actually really really hate watermelon. So, I’m hoping this drinky doesn’t make me pukey. 🙂 But, I shall go forward with trying it out!

KarenD did promise to drink the same thing if she won. Karen, I’m holding you to this! Please duly report on your opinion of said beverage.

I did let MoMo pick the honorable mention. She chose the drink that she thought was most disgusting. It was Melanie Jones’s suggestion:

“Pineapple caramel vanilla diet dr pepper blended with nuts and whipped cream on top. Gotta be yummy… (The diet part to offset all the other yummy bits.)”

So, Melanie, you are honorable today. You don’t win anything, but you are honorable nonetheless.

Several of you suggested strangely yummy drinks. In the future, I will actually be trying the following:

Chocolate cherry diet coke (by Karen D) — but I’ll skip the diet part

Blended Chocolate, Vanilla, Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper WITH a cherry on top (by ErinP)

Blue-Coconut CREAM Slush (by Brooke H)

And the recreation of a beverage we all loved in Waco, the Watusi. You’d use dr pepper with cherry, vanilla, and cream (by Karen D — yes, you’ve gotta add the vanilla, too.)

Some of the others sounded good to MoMo and Beirut, but I’m so super picky that I won’t try them. I don’t drink root beer, I don’t like chunky pineapple or strawberry, I’m not much of a fan of lime….. wait? If I’m so dadgum picky about what I drink, then why did I volunteer to drink some strange concotion y’all came up with?

I guess I truly am sleep-deprived.

Now, off to the park to play with the kids & after that: I’ll face my strawberry watermelon diet dr pepper destiny.