Remember these lamps…..?

I spray painted them with Krylon’s Avocado green and I loved them!


Then I started second-guessing myself.

Didn’t they need some type of texture? Antiquing? Extras? (And no, I didn’t take any pictures of those steps. Once again I had lost the camera. I found it, but now I’m just lazy.)

So, I spent about 2 hours adding white here and there and then wiping it off artfully. They looked great, but they were too pale.I let them sit a few days while I thought about it.

Then I decided they needed to be darker green. So, I bought more acrylic paint and made them darker. With dark brown antiquing. Once again, they sat a few days & once again I decided it was just not right. Too dark!

So, I dug out my paints and put a lighter green and light brown coat on top. It was almost there. Almost. But, as I was doing the brush on, rub in, wipe off thing, another color came through…. the perfect green! There it was! Had I hit the magic combination? I had discovered the perfect green! In fact, it looked just like this:

Yup. I had wiped too hard and scraped back to the original coat of paint. And I found that it was actually perfect just that way.

Guess what? I then spent an hour scraping off all of the acrylics that I could. And I’ll be putting on one final coat of Avocado spray paint to cover up all of my antiquing/texturing/crapturing mess. Then, several coats of clear glossy to make it shiny shine shine!

Memo to self for next time: Go with your gut! Or you’ll spend 3 extra weeks and hours of your time redoing redoing redoing before undoing.

But they’ll look great in the end! 🙂

(And I promise pics of the finished items!)