If you don’t run in the Preschooler set like I do, you may not be aware that there is a Winnie the Pooh movie out. We’re planning on seeing it. Someday. Whenever I decide to take two small children who have never been to the theatre ever and who have a serious dislike of loud noises to sit in a dark theatre with seats that flip up and down and up and down and what? you have to go to the potty again?…… Or maybe we’ll just wait until it comes out on video.

Peanut has 2 kinds of diapers: Luvs for daytime and Huggies Overnites for, well, overnight. The Luvs have a monkey on them. The Huggies have a sleeping Pooh Bear. She tells what time of day it is by her diaper. If it’s morning and  “wake up time,” it is also “monkey diaper time.” But, when it’s time for a nap or night time, it’s “Pooh Bear Diaper Time.” Want to cause a fit? Get out the wrong diaper. Actually, if you want to cause a fit, get out the diaper instead of letting her get it out.

But, tonight, instead of calling it “Pooh Bear Diaper Time,” she said it was “Honey Bear Diaper Time.” That led to the following conversation:

mab: Honey bear diaper? That’s Pooh Bear on the diaper with his honey pot.

Peanut: No! It Honey Bear.

mab: Hey! You like honey. Are you Pooh Bear?

Peanut: No, I Peanut Pie. Dat not Pooh. Dat Honey Bear. Poo IN my diaper.

So, this clinches it. If I take them to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie, Peanut will be convinced the entire time that the movie is about Poo.