Peanut has done a great job sleeping without her babus. So, as promised, she got a “big girl bed” tonight. Honestly I would have done it sooner, but Wal Mart & Target were both out of kid bed rails. What the heck? But, Mimi saved the day & brought us one when she came to visit tonight. So, right now Peanut is babu-free and in a big girl bed. (Actually, just the crib converted into a daybed…. but she thinks that means it’s a big girl bed. Who am I to tell her otherwise?)

I didn’t think this would be tough on me — just on her. But, my inner softie is so sad! My sweet teeny baby is getting big! She talks like crazy, she doesn’t have a babu, and now in a big girl bed….? Where did this little squirt go?

The best news: Since Mimi is sleeping on the sleeper sofa in the living room, if Peanut decides to get out of bed at 3 a.m., she’ll never make it to our bedroom. Mimi is her best buddy in the whole world. (JayWay is her second best buddy. My girl hangs out with an older crowd.) So, I will sleep peacefully no matter what.