I have a Dressing Room. Sure, you may call it a closet, but since it is larger than the kitchen in my previous abode, I choose to call it a Dressing Room. It’s not much bigger than a typical walk-in closet so that should tell you how small my previous kitchen was.

There’s all kinds of built in shelves and crap. For the first time ever I have space to organize my clothes by type. And I solemnly promise to keep them organized. I may be a total mess about most things everything, but I am anal retentive about having my clothes hung in the proper section. Sure, there may be piles of clothes on the floor, but the ones hanging must be in the right spot.

See the brown walls? When we moved in, the whole house was painted this brown. It’s not a bad color, but having it absolutely everywhere made it feel like we were living in a cardboard box. I’ve replaced the brown paint everywhere but the closets with blues, greens, aquas, and a bit of yellow. I’ll take pictures of that whenever I manage to clean up those rooms. Which means I’ll get around to it after the kids graduate from high school.

Please stop being jealous of my fabulous Old Navy/Target/WalMart/Clearance Bin T-shirt & jeans Wardrobe. I know that few people can possess the style & panache that I do.

I realized I was getting dressed in my closet and got tired of walking out to get stuff out of my dresser. So, I got baskets and put all my, um, dressing necessities in there.

“Wait, mab…. does that mean you’re actually showing us a basket of your undies?”

Uh, no…. Those are, um…. well, just accessories. Yeah. Accessories. That I wear. Under my clothes.

I decided to use one shelf to organize all of my jewelry.

Wait! Um, wrong picture! Pretend you didn’t see the one with all of my jewelry open & disorganized.

Yes! This is how it always is! Honest! But, here’s one question: Why did I devote a whole shelf to organizing jewelry when I hardly ever wear jewelry? There are some things we may never know….

So, there’s my Dressing Room. Perhaps I showed it to you because I want to prove that I can actually be organized. Or maybe I was having trouble figuring out what to post about today….. 🙂