Well, for now, the Linka Dinka Doodle list is as good as it’s going to get.

At least until you tell me other stuff I should link to. Like your blog!

And if I linked to you and you’d like me to take it off, pretty please let me know in a pretty way in the comments below.

And if I didn’t link to you, but you know I read your blog and you aren’t sure why I didn’t link to you…. it’s because I assumed you didn’t want me to link to you. Or because I worked on this waaay too late at night and while I was watching TV and also checking blogs and, well, you know.

Lastly: Some peeps may be great with Facebook. Some peeps may even Twitter. Heck, even Raylo checks Twitter (what, what?)…. but I dig the blog. That’s my justification for having 9,000 blogs on my linky list.

P.S. I’m also an addict to my Google Reader. Do you use a blog reader? (Also called a feed reader, blog aggregator, RSS reader, or Happy Place To Read All My Blogs.) If so, let me know which one you use. Just because I’m curious.