Right after we moved here, we got our girls enrolled in summer Mother’s Day Out at a nearby church. It gives them a chance to make some friends & gives me a chance to come home and take a 5 hour nap. Uh, I mean “go to Wal-mart and buy all of the items our family will need for a week.” Yes. That’s what I mean.

But, I need y’all’s help. There’s a child at their MDO with severe peanut allergies. So, no peanut anything. I’m down with that. I fully support the prevention of anaphylactic shock, especially in small children. But, since we can’t have anything with peanuts, nothing that needs refrigeration, and nothing that needs heating up, I’m at quite a loss about lunch. What can I pack?

Here’s the same old stuff the girls get every week:

  • applesauce or fruit cup
  • piece of bread, biscuit, or bagel (they love the latter 2)
  • crackers (because they need more carbohydrates)
  • pretzels (because a bread item + crackers is *still* not enough carbs for them)
  • gummy snacks (because they need sugar + artificial crap)
  • juice box
  • cookie
  • maybe a cheese stick if I remember to stick it in the freezer an hour before they leave

That’s it. Soooo boring! I found some sandwich-sized insulated boxes this past week & thought, “Brilliant! I can make them sandwiches!” Then, I remembered that they don’t like sandwiches. They like cheese, they like bread, and 47% of the time they like sandwich meat. But, if you put it together…. as in touching… NO WAY.

So, help a mama out! I have very limited cold space to go in their lunch boxes and I don’t like Lunchables very often (too much sodium & they really don’t eat them very well anyway).

What other items would you pack in a preschooler’s lunch?