One of my all-time favorite authors is Fannie Flagg. Dude, just from her name alone you know she’s awesome. She writes these hilarious and involved stories with multiple plots twisting and turning through a small town or group of people. Never heard of her? Yes you have: she wrote Fried Green Tomatoes (both the book & the screenplay). When I find an author whose style I like I’ll read every thing they’ve written and about two years ago, I finished the Flagg canon of work. I was sooooo sad.

Last week I was running through the grown-up book section of the library trying to find something decent before my kids annihilated one of the book displays and THERE IT WAS…. a new Fannie Flagg book!! You better believe I snatched that sucker up.

Two days after picking it up, I had it done. Who needs sleep when you have a good book? And this didn’t disappoint. I Still Dream About You is the story of a people-pleasing former Miss Alabama who must learn to stand up for herself and allow herself to live. The trouble: she’s ready to end it all. But, her very elaborate plot to simply disappear keeps getting postponed by her need to fulfill one or another obligation. Mix this in with her two co-workers: a woman who apprehended a would-be mugger with a hot fudge sundae and an elderly lady who will wear only purple and dyes her hair lavender. Then, add Birmingham culture and idiosyncrasies. Finally, toss in a 100 year-old mystery, a terrible villian in high-heels and gaudy business suits, and a 3 foot tall real estate wizard named Hazel Wisenknott. The plot is unexpected and really quite funny. But, it’s not a fluffy read. It’s not silly drivel that someone slapped together with a few jokes. The comedy and energy in the book is just masterful.

Do you need a good read? Any of Fannie Flagg’s books are high on my recommended list!