I love me some antiques. Not fancy-mac-pantsy antiques that cost a buttload, but classy & awesome antiques that I can get for el cheapo. I dont care about the piece’s pedigree — if I like it and the price is right, I’ll get it.

So, for the new completely awesome office in our house — that I am turning into a crafty wonderland — I wanted something to store my fabric in. I wanted a china cabinet. I’ve seen people use these in the past and they made my heart go pitty patter. So, with a budget of $175 (which was about what I’d spend on new crappy looking storage stuff to hold it all), I scoured all of the antique shops within a 30 mile radius of our town.

And I hit the jackpot.

Ummm…. excuse the craptastic piles of crap all around my new treasure, ok? Thanks.

So, this beauty was listed as $250, but on sale for $195. I put on all of my charm and gave sad little eyes and offered to pay cash and he dropped it to $175. Wooooo – hoooooo! My larger cuts of fabric (fat q’s & up) are on mini bolts in there. My notions & supplies are in the bottom. The tubs next to it? Those are projects I started, but haven’t finished yet. Included in there is a baby quilt that is half finished for a child who is now 3 years old. I’m a teency bit behind.

Although the craft room is currently the Full-O-Junk-Can’t-Organize-It-Right-Now-Can-Barely-Move-In-Here Room, this fabric cabinet makes me super happy! 🙂 Do you see the happy? ——–> :)! Yup. That’s happy.

Here’s a question for you: “office” is too sterile of a word to use for the happy crafting/creating to go on in here. So, what’s another option? It’s not just a sewing room. I also paint, mod podge, do jewelry, and hot glue junk in here. And, I’ll run that lil’ vintage Etsy shop I have once everything is settled & I open it up again. I’m thinking studio? Creative room? Crap Cove? What do you think? What would you call this multi-purpose room o’ fun?