Eleven years.

In the moving chaos I neglected to brag on Raylo for finishing up his second masters degree. This was a lot tougher this go-round. Last time I was his wealthy teacher sugar-mama. This time he managed to get uh-ma-zing grades while taking a full load (and sometimes more) plus working about 15 hours a week as a counseling intern & another 20 – 25 hours a week as a hospice chaplain. But, he never neglected the family. Neglected sleep? You bet. But never us. You can tell in the picture above how much Beanie loves loves loves her Daddy. Peanut is pretty fond of him, too. Me? I’m proud enough to bust my buttons.

When he got back from the graduation ceremony, he was still in his robes. A neighbor kid saw him and looked up in wonder. Raylo bent down and said “Look! I’m a wizard!”

Gosh, I love that guy.

We’ve now hit 11 years of marriage. I’ll be keeping him.

Happy anniversary, Raylo!