Bean will turn 4 on Sunday. When I was growing up, my fabulous Mama (Hi, Mama!) always made sure our birthdays lasted several days. So, this morning, we decided to start celebrating Bean’s birthday. Peanut keeps pointing at the Happy Bday banner & saying “Beewwwie Potty!” (Which actually means “Bean’s Party!”)

Wait….. didn’t we already do that?

Yes. I am that mom. I had Bean’s birthday party 6 weeks ago. Come on! I had to! I was not going to move my child to another state where she had no friends & 3 weeks after she arrived have her birthday with no one to come to the party. Nor was I going to Chick Fil A or Library Story time and hand out random birthday invitations. That would make me creepy mom. So, the last Saturday before graduation + moving chaos began we had her party. And, I explained over and over that she would have a little party with just the family when her real birthday came.

She’s lobbying for another big party.

But that’s not the point of this post. Here is the point: If you have toddlers DO NOT WASTE MONEY BUYING A CAKE. Instead, just get the cupcake papers and give them a big ol’ scoop of icing. Throw on some sprinkles and a princess ring and call it good. Oh, and the icing is better if it is bright pink, shocking purple, or blazing blue. (Which will be the color of their….um…. post party potty later. Just so you know.)

Today Bean took cupcakes to her summer Mother’s Day Out to share with her class. There were 2 left. Just right for 2 little girls after dinner.

First they ate all of the giant sprinkles off the top. Then, they went for the icing. It was textbook…. it’s the way they always do….

The cake is an afterthought.

“Wait….? You mean there’s CAKE under here?”

“I don’t believe you, Mama….. I’ll just stick with the icing…..”

So, for Peanut’s birthday in November, I’ll be buying a Tub O’ Icing from Sams or wherever and putting big scoops in cupcake liners and calling it good. I’ll keep the cake for the adults…