Check out the way she breaks it down at about 30 seconds in. She’s actually a little singing Diva. If you try to join her while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, she’ll put her hands on your mouth and say: “No, me do it!”

When I asked her about swimming, she said “Me fall down in the water!” We were at the pool and I looked up to tell Beanie not to run. I turned around 1.3 seconds later to see that our little chicken who never leaves the steps decided to just dive out in the water. Of course I pulled her up and she didn’t even have time to lose her breath or take in water. But, she was done with the pool after that. She’s talked about falling in the water and me catching her over and over today.

I hope you enjoy seeing my sweetie little Peanut! Oh, and now when someone asks her name, she nods her head and says “Peanut Pie.” (Well, real name + Pie, not Peanut….. ’cause that’s what I call her….)

Love this kid!