When the moving truck arrived and started unloading our tremendous piles of crap, we realized that an extremely important, yet underappreciated part of our home was missing.

One. Couch. Leg.

The others were neatly wrapped up with the couch in shrink wrap. But, you can’t sit on a 3 legged couch. And, we have wood floors in the living room, so we couldn’t just set the couch on the floor. (The frame would have scratched the wood.) So, we did this:

Most rednecks have a car up on blocks in their yard. We had a couch on blocks. We are so high class.

I ordered a new set from Amazon because I forgot the Golden Rule of Lost Stuff: When you buy something to replace it, you’ll find it. We are now returning a set of couch legs to Amazon.

In other news, we got our high class swimming pool installed. The girls were excited to get their floaties out and use them in the pool.

Perhaps it’s time for either a larger pool or smaller floaties.