WordPress tells me all of the phrases that people use to find my blog. I thought you’d get a kick out of some of them….

13 searches for “swollen feet”

Another 30 searches somehow related to feet and swelling.

8 for “proof of doppelganger”

1 search for “dog holding an oklahoma flag”

12 for “Braveheart Face”

2 for “what do you mean by late”

2 for “my daughter in her big girl panties”

At least 2 completely inappropriate searches

566 references to Cadbury Creme Eggs

1 “too tired today to execute my plan for world domination”

So, my lovelies, what does this teach us? Well, if you write a post like this and one like this, apparently people of all walks of life will stumble on your blog. (And don’t click that first link if you’re eating anything…. it’s the grossest strange side effect I had during my pregnancy with Beanie. You’ve been warned.)

“What about the dog holding the Oklahoma flag?” you ask? No clue how that got there. Or the really naughty searches! How on earth did those lead to my blog!?!?

So, if you got here through a Google Search for Nazguls and discovered my ramblings and piffle…. so sorry indeed!