Tonight I was headed to a friend’s house and offered to pick up dinner for us all since she just had a baby. I’m not familiar with drive-throughs in her neighborhood and didn’t want to go in to a place since I had the girls with me. So, I got on the trusty TomTom and searched for places in the area. I saw one and decided to give it a try. FROSTOP Drive-In.

Now, how do you read that? I sure thought it was Fro Stop. I kept calling it that all night. I told Raylo that I ate at Fro Stop. I told my buddy that I got her burgers from Fro Stop. I couldn’t figure out why it was called Fro Stop…. Except that they sell good old greasy burgers and milkshakes that are FROsty and FROzen and you should STOP to get them…..???

So, I came home and was telling Raylo all about this new dive since he didn’t get to join us. I also told him about the giant root beer mug that is by the building. It used to be up on a pole, but it got knocked down during Katrina. Instead of righting the upside-down mug and putting it back on the pole, they just moved it back in front of the restaurant — still upside down — and kept it that way. I found a picture of it. And then I looked closer at the logo and realized….

It’s FrosTop… Like Frost-Top with only one T. Like… root beer that’s so frosty the foam on the top is a Frosty Top.

I think Frost Top is a much better name for a dive…. much better than Fro Stop.

These were a chain at one point and their root beer is still sold in some states. Have you ever seen one in your neck of the woods?