I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend! Mimi & Poppy came in this weekend & we had a lot of fun. Friday we went to City Park. First we had a mini egg hunt with the girls. Then, we rode paddle boats. Super fun!


On Saturday, we decided to drive over to the beach. We’re only an hour & a half from a decent-ish beach. Bean saw the ocean when she was an infant, but that doesn’t really count. So, this was the first time for them to see the ocean & beach up close. It wasn’t warm enough to get all the way in the water & no one would really have wanted to. It’s pretty muddy right there. But, just fine for getting toes wet.


Although we never sat down and only stayed a few minutes and didn’t get anything but our toes wet, we still managed to be covered in sand when we left. We had lunch & then met Mimi’s BFF Miss Kathy. She has a fab-u-lous jewelry shop on Etsy named NOOBOO & you should all go check it out. Super fabulous! She takes great items that we’d look at and say “Oh, that’s neat” and she turns it into jewelry like nothing else. Seriously, go see it…

But first, see this…. My girls decked out for Easter.

I had to chase her down for the picture. She wasn’t interested in posing at all! Bean, on the other hand, was interested in posing. She loved her fancy dress and hugged it repeatedly before putting it on. After getting dressed & getting fancy hair, she found her new purse, her sunglasses, and her umbrella.

Because every girl needs a frog umbrella on a bright and sunny Easter morning.