Sooo…. it’s almost May. And I’m finally posting my book goals for the year.

Remember how a long time ago I used to read a lot of books? And then I had a kid? And moved back to the States where English-speaking TV and movies were readily available? And discovered Hulu? And had another kid? And started a bidniz?

So…. this year’s goal seems sooooo wimpy: just 15 piddly little books. I’ve only read 2 books so far this year and for the life of me I can’t remember the second one. (So it must have been earth-shattering.) I think 13 more books in 8 1/2 months while also moving to another state is a pretty good goal.

Here’s the thing: I’m stuck. I need some good book ideas! I am in quite the reading rut. I also don’t want to check out any more books from the library. There isn’t a branch near me or near anywhere I tend to go. So, we check out a lovely stack of books and then it takes us 9 months to return them. The overdue fees are larger than our rent. (Ok, that may be a tiny exaggeration….)

So, here’s today’s interactive portion of the blog! Tell me a book you think I should read or tell me a goal you have for reading this year. (And, tell me what that last book was that I read. It’s really bugging me that I can’t remember it. I mean, I’ve only read 2 this year for Pete’s sake! Sigh…..)