So… the new house comes equipped with a flag pole:

(Is this a flag pole? It’s not really a pole, but it is for flags. It’s actually more of a stump. But, because the phrase “Flag Stump” sounds really really odd, I’m just going to stick with flag pole.)

We’ll move in next month and while I am picking out new knobs, new lighting, and new paint, I’ve also begun thinking about a flag for the stump pole. This is of vital importance. This piece of rip-resistant, weatherproof, heavily appliqued fabric will tell the neighbors everything about me.

Future Neighbor: “Should I bring cookies over to the new neighbors? Wait! I see a flag! Oh, hmm…. they don’t seem like my kind of people…. I’ll just, um, well, the kids really need these cookies for their lunch, you know?”

See the issue? So, I’ve been on the lookout for some possibilities. Let me know what you think….

This one is a no-brainer. I am interested in peace and I like bright colors, but this flag would scream “HIPPIE!” For small-town Arkansas, I might as well put barbed wire around my yard. The effect would be the same. Next!

Now I’m all about this one! I can show off my alma mater! Who cares that Raylo went to a completely different school? Who cares that another college is there in town? Wait… that college met up with my Ags at a bowl game a few years ago and actually won… and the assistant coach responsible for the win is who we’re buying the house from. I may think this is a hilarious way to show up in the neighborhood with a bang, but for those mourning the loss of their neighbor-buddy, well… this would make my front walkway pretty icy and snobby. Ok, Next!

YEAH! I like it! It’s rude! It says “I’m a bad mutha!” But here’s what I wonder…. If you have a Harley and you are Harleyish enough to want to use this phrase to describe your Harley lifestyle, then why do you have a flag pole for your garden? Do you tend your roses in your leather riding pants? Do you have a sweet doily embroidered on your biker jacket? Ponderings aside, I am not sure that this will give the neighbors a good sense of my true personality. After all, I’ve never said the phrase written on the flag and I don’t even own a Harley.

You can see that my choice is difficult! I will keep searching for more options.

How about you? Do you have a flag in your yard? What does it look like? What does it say?