Today was a great day! The New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild met for a Weekend Sew day. This sounds very important and monumental. And, in fact, it is. We all sit at tables and work very hard at telling outrageous stories, quoting lines from movies & tv, and contemplating what we’d like to eat from Chick-fil-A. Oh, and we sew some, too. I took a few tedious projects because it’s more fun to do these with fun-loving people nearby.

I have actually made quite a few quilts so far this year…. mostly because there has been a real baby boom going on! Here’s a few of the projects I’ve done so far this year.

(Soapbox Sidenote: Oh, and I have decided not to give in to bloggy-guilt and apologize and explain away my poor-quality photos. We bloggers are too hard on ourselves! How often do you read a post and people either won’t put up a picture because they said they couldn’t get a good enough one or they put one up and then add a paragraph apologizing for their lack of professional skillz or lack of lighting cooperation. No more of that, I say! So what if I’m not a fabulous photographer! I do many other things well! Far too often I’ve left pictures out of posts because they didn’t look like Pioneer Woman’s photos or Oh, Fransson!’s fabulously arranged shots. Pooh on that. I’m a crafter, a mama, and someone in the midst of a move…. my kids are lucky enough to eat more than cold cereal. Heh, heh! Ok, I’m giving up my blog photography guilt and inadequacy and subsequently ending this Soapbox Sidenote…. on to the pictures!)

I call this quilt the M&Ms for M quilt. Why? Well, it looks like M&Ms & the baby’s name starts with M. (My cleverness overwhelms me. I also may or may not have been jonesing for chocolate at the time….) I would also like you to notice the **totally awesome** Hurry-Throw-The-Quilt-Over-The-Ironing-Board-And-Take-A-Pic-Before-You-Shove-This-In-A-Gift-Sack-And-Give-It-Away photo technique. (Yes, and now you are all overwhelmed by my cleverness and abilities!)

The front is a bunch of circles cut with my fabulous Christmas Present — my Accuquilt Go! (I’ve named it Cutty-Cut. I love it. It’s my BQAFF. That means Best Quilty Accessory Friend Forever.) The border is strips of the same fabrics & the binding was cut so the dots would go around the edges.


I worked on this quilt over the holidays when I was at my mama’s house. I didn’t want to have to go get more fabric for the back and I like pieced backings anyway….. so I put strips of the front fabrics together to make another pattern on the back. I included the guitar fabric because sweet lil’ M’s daddy is the Music Minister at our church and plays a mean guitar.

Next quilt!

Ok, this photo wins the first prize for Cutest-Quilt-Holder-Upper-Who-Needs-Her-Hair-Combed-Very-Badly! Bean saw me trying the Ironing Board trick again and said “Mama, I’ll help you!” Too cute to pass up! The quilt she’s holding went to a sweet baby girl whose parents are great college buddies of mine. Her daddy should have received 500 quilts for the grief I gave him in college. He was my unofficial brother after my bro graduated & had to change my car battery, help me go to Wal-Mart at 3 a.m. to get random crap, and then house my boyfriend/fiance/now hubby when he’d come visit. (Hey MoToole! You did all that and I made you a quilt! Even Steven!)

(Ok, cuter picture! She is really a little ham!) Here’s the back. Mostly leftover damask from Bean’s baby quilt but a strip of fun thrown in there. I actually made two quilts at the same time that are very similar on the front & not too different on the back. But, I can’t find the pictures of that one…. so this one counts twice. Both are a Disappearing 9 Patch on the front with some type of border around it. I like using this pattern on a large scale because it shows off fabulous large-scale prints.

Lastly for today…. Sweet HD’s quilt!

(So, I could have cropped out the mess of toys, the horse named Rosemary, and the light & fan above the quilt…. but then I would have also cropped out Peanut eating a Corny Dog. And that’s what you’ve really come here for.)

This quilt started out with my buddy Nat saying that she wanted a black & white damask & aqua & lime green gender neutral quilt. Whaaa…? See, she wanted a quilt she could use for this baby & any more that may come. So, I put together some fabrics I liked & some she loved. The aqua zebra print on the first border she wasn’t too sure about at first, but then she agreed that it worked great to separate the blocks. I designed this quilt like I usually do. I came up with several ideas and mapped them out carefully on graph paper. I figured out dimensions and color placements and techniques and obsessed about it for weeks. Then, I got a bee in my bonnet, sat down, started cutting something different from anything I planned, and just slapped a bunch of stuff together until I liked it. (I’m not sure why I even own that graph paper….)

(“Mama, my corny dog fell off the stick! Hmm… I’ll just shove it back on there. I love me some corny dogs!” – Peanut)

Straight-up black & white damask is on the back. For once I didn’t piece the back & I almost felt like I was cheating! But, I like it. And, Nat liked it, too. And, here’s the reason this is the quilt I’m most proud of so far this year: I delivered it to the mama before the baby was born! In fact, I gave it to her a month ago and just today sweet little HD made his world debut! (Doesn’t that sound so much more exciting than “he was born”…?)

Yup… I am slowly clearing out my back log of in-progress baby quilts. I still have 2 to finish that are for children who are already born (and one who is nearing his 1st birthday! Yikes!) and a few more for babies that haven’t arrived. But did I work on any of those quilts today at the Weekend Sew? Hah! Why would I be so productive?! Instead, I worked on one for the Corn Dog Queen up there…. it will go on her big girl bed. I figure I have another year before she’ll need that, so I’ve got time.