(Giveaway is now over… look for a winner tomorrow!)


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The Part of the Post Where I Recap my Blog and Wax Sentimentally

I’ve been blogging a long time. Well, a long time in computer years. I mean, my blog has lasted longer than most internet start ups from the beginning of this millennium. It started as a way to keep in contact with friends who literally lived across the globe from me. It was also a way to share photos, tell stories about life as a Texan transplanted to Turkey, and also to leave snarky posts for Cliffie and Papa Steve to read.

Now it’s become a place to write silly posts about many things, tell stories about this Texan living in the Big Easy, and to share some crafty crap that I like to do. I don’t write as many snarky posts for Cliffie & Papa Steve to read since I’m not sure if they “do” blogs anymore. (Although Cliff’s recent post on Bowlin’ had me laughing like cuh-razy!)

So, thanks for hanging out with me on the crazy ride that these past few years have been. Since April 2006 I’ve moved 3 times, had 2 children, and written the word “crap” over 9,847 times. But you aren’t reading this for a sentimental journey through the annals of time… you’re just here for the giveaway.

A Bit About the Prizes….

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books we read as kids? Well, this is Choose Your Own Prize! First up… for my crafty friends out there, I’m giving the option of a $25 gift certificate to my favorite online fabric shop, Sew Love Fabrics!

I first discovered this fabulous shop when I discovered that not all quilters use cheesy or cat-ridden fabrics in their creations. Looking at the variety Ruth has in her shop was like discovering a candy store for the first time. And I wanted every flavor of jellybean, gummy worm, and chocolate bon bon she had to offer. This shop has always had some of the best pricing & fastest service around!

(Latest fabric I’m drooling over: Queen of Hearts in Velveteen, a part of Anna Maria Horner’s new line, Innocent Crush. )

But, I know that my blog is also read by people who don’t sew or craft. So, there’s a universal option for those peeps! If you win and you are a nutjob who doesn’t like fabric (as opposed to a nutjob who does like fabric like me….), you can win a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

Books, music, or whatever the heck you want…. if It’s $25 bucks, I’ll be footing that bill. Sure, you are all wondering how I can possibly afford such a generous giveaway…. husband in grad school, house purchase & move looming on the horizion…. let’s just say that I like to get crazy when it comes to giveaways. Sure, some people would do a $600 giveaway for their 6ooth post. But, I am not that person. Other people regularly give away mixers and cameras and really pricey prizes. But, I am not that person either. Judy MacJudgerson would say: “This is too much like GAMBLING. I won’t take part of it!” But, in leaving that comment, she would actually be entering the contest. Poetic justice.

The Part of the Post Where I Tell You How to Enter the Giveaway

What do you have to do to enter?

Leave me a comment. That’s it! Tell me where you live. Tell me where you heard about this blog. Tell me what color you have painted the rooms in your house because I really need some help figuring out what on earth I’ll be painting the new place because I abhor the colors taupe, beige, greige, and tan and that’s all that’s painted in that house right now.

One comment per person, thankyouverymuch. Comments must be left on THE BLOG,Β  not on facebook. (My blog automatically publishes there and I know many of you read it there & comment there. Normally this = cool. This time, commenting on Facebook will = no entry. So sorry, Charlie.) When the winner is chosen, that person can let me know which prize they’d like.

I’ll leave this open until April 5th at 6 p.m. central time-ish. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 6th-ish.

For reals, thanks to all of you who continue to come back and read the crap I write. You make my little messy heart just sing. Those of you who leave me comments and help continue the conversation: Well, that’s just a sonata to my soul.