I’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time on the computer since the beginning of the year. Since it’s obviously not time spent on my poor, neglected little bloggy, then what have I been up to?

I’m looking for a house.

This lovely and utilitarian 950 square foot campus housing has been, well, utilitarian for the 4 of us and my massive quantities of fabric + crafty crap. There are some features about this home that I have truly enjoyed — I have a laundry room for the first time in years (previously my washer was in my bathroom or kitchen). I have two bathrooms. My last one was so small you could sit on the pot, turn on the shower, turn on the sink, put a load in the washer, and reorganize the cabinet — at the same time. While it allowed for maximum efficiency during bathroom business, it was most obviously designed by a very small drunken man. Any human of normal size and normal sobriety would never design the bathroom that way. So…. I’ve been grateful for two not-terribly-tiny bathrooms. But, the biggest blessing about this place has most definitely been the neighbors. The school puts families with young kids (mostly) in our complex, so we don’t have very far to go to visit my friends and my girls’ friends. We constantly eat in each others’ homes, visit, drop by, hang out, and then head out back to the field to play all together.

But, my local neighbor lovelies, as much as I’ve enjoyed your company, my toes need to stretch out! So, with my hubby’s impending graduation in May (can I get a hallelujah!) we are moving to more spacious digs.

In Arkansas.

Now, I’m one of those arrogant, proud Texans who believes that no where on earth is fit to live besides Texas. However, the job my hubs has is not in The Promised Land. And, after getting over my initial shock that we will raise our girls in a place where the Lone Star flag does not wave, I’ve gotten pretty excited about this chance. He has a great new job. He’ll be doing family counseling & also working with an emergency children’s shelter. If a kid is removed from their home because of abuse or other family issues, they are first taken to this shelter. While there, the state figures out if they can be returned to the family, placed in foster care, or taken to the state children’s home. He’s excited about the job and we’re excited about the town.

And I can always put a big, honkin’, arrogant, proud Texan flags on our roof.

In true mabBlab giving-everything-a-silly-nickname-and-not-using-the-real-name-because-it’s-the-closest-I’ll-ever-get-to-being-a-spy fashion, I hereby dub my future town as Jaybro. It’s a smallish city of about 65,000. They’ve actually got really great schools, lots of family activities, and a Hobby Lobby. There are 3 fabric stores. (yay!) But one is Hancocks (okay!), and the two private quilt shops sell stuff that your Great Aunt Ethel would buy if she was on acid or had completely lost her vision (boo!). So, I will definitely continue buying most of my fabric stash online!

(Latest crush: Ruby Star Rising by Melody Miller….)

So, this is the news with us. I have a camera card full of pictures, but it’s late and that card is sitting on the microwave across the room. (Did I ever mention that my kitchen here is so small that our portable dishwasher & microwave are actually in the living room?) I’m too lazy to get up and get it. But, I know y’all love me in my laziness. Or, you’ve quit reading this post by now.

Anyway, seriously stick with me. This is post #598 (whaaaa..?) and I am planning a giveaway for post #600. I’ll try to get that written before July. Hah!

We’ll head up to Jaybro next Saturday to look at all of the houses. I am a stinkin’ nervous wreck. When we bought our first house as young newlyweds, it took me 3 months to find the right one. This time, we’ll have 3 days. My realtor will need a vacation after we leave because I have a list of a billion houses to see!

Here’s my favorite:

The listing says: “This Greek Revival home makes a stunning impression on the 11th green of Big Fancy Pants Country Club Golf Course. This symmetrical designed home features five levels, lighted columns and two tiers of wrap-around verandas. Orderly interior plans feature central hallways flanked by formal rooms flooded with sunlight. Too many amenities to list, but some outstanding include game room w/full kitchen, media room, storage room, fitness room, hearth room, hobby room and office on the 5th level with spectacular views.”

Here’s that 5th level spectacular view:

THAT would be my sewing/craft room.

But….. since the monthly payments on this house are more than we’ll bring home in a month, I either need to get crackin’ on my Etsy shop or I need to see if we can buy only 1 floor of this home….