Many people are wondering where I’ve been. The answer: certainly not at home! Grrrr….

Since December 23rd, I have been in my own home less than 96 hours. And those aren’t continuous. The long story short: The hub and I got home today from a last minute out of town business trip. I am not planning on leaving town again for weeks.

Not even to go to Slidell.

I’m tired.

Little known fact about me: I hate traveling. Not the going to new places part, but the getting there part. Hate it. In fact, because traveling by car, bus, or plane all makes me feel woozy, tired, dizzy, and yucky, here is the list of jobs that I would never ever ever want to do ever:

1) Truck driver

2) Flight attendant (double doozy since they have to stand & walk around on the plane!)

3) Pilot

4) Business woman whose job requires lots of travel/flying

Yup… there you go.

This post is nothing more than an announcement that I”ve been gone, away from e-mails, away from regular life, and losing sanity. Now I am back. Let the villagers all rejoice.