So far this year I’ve learned…

When you make coffee and get the creamer out of the fridge, check to make sure the lid is snapped shut before shaking it.

While traveling, if you enter a strange McDonald’s and the bathrooms are filthy and someone is in the stall taking a reeeeaaaallly long time and they come out and it’s an employee and they don’t wash their hands — be really glad you only ordered a coke.

If your two daughters are the only granddaughters on both sides of the family, they will receive more presents than your minivan can hold.

If you know you need a new purse because the one you made is starting to show wear & tear and you decide you don’t really have time to make a new one, don’t type “purse” into the search on Etsy unless you want to spend hours looking through some really fabulous things like these:

(Birds on a Perch in Green Slouch Bag by Faith On Earth)

(Posie Raisin Pleated Hobo Bag by Tannei Casey)

(Sassy Little Sling Purse in Love by J Jonni)

(Deep Purple Canvas Lines Bag — Carrie by Tippy Thai)


What have you learned so far?