Soooo…. I was going to post some tutorials today on some crafts I’ve been working on. But, I fell asleep. While Bean was awake.

The nap isn’t what got in the way. Bean is quite sneaky. She tries to get you to go to sleep. “Here’s a blanket, Mama. Do you want my pillow? You can rest your eyes, Mama.” Sneaky, sneaky. She stays very very quiet until she’s sure you’re asleep. Then she gets up and starts wandering around the house. She digs through drawers (childproofed for the most part) and plays with her Daddy’s fun toys on his desk. And I think she’s the one who moved the camera. I can’t find it anywhere.


I’ll probably find the camera tomorrow in a perfectly logical place and I’ll have to retract this blame on Bean. But there’s a high likelyhood it’s her fault. I was cleaning up tonight and found a random puddle of fluid under her play piano. You NEVER want to find a random puddle in a house of toddlers. I called her over and  asked what it was.

“Water, Mama. I was cleaning up when you were asleep and I didn’t get a chance to finish.”

I need to teach her how to really clean up and then I’ll take naps and wake up and my house will be clean. Until then…. I will be drinking copious amounts of coffee and not sitting down unless I’m sure that Bean is absolutely asleep.

Off to search for my camera…..