Every parent wants pictures of their kid. There’s the typical portraits that you get from Olan Mills or JC Penney or Wal-Mart. There’s lovely school photos. And then there’s photos taken by a real photographer. A little while ago my buddy Katie Hodas came over and took some UH-ma-ZING pics of my girls. And now you have to look at them. Because I want you to.


(Now is the appropriate time for you all to say how gorgeous my children are. )

(You finished? No? Ok, take more time.)



(What about now? Ok. We’ll move on…)

You need to know that these shots were nothing short of a miracle. Bean is in a phase where she HATES to have her picture taken. In fact, this is the face she kept making:

But this is what I love about Katie’s pictures! They totally captured my girls for who they are. I look at them and she really caught their funny little precious and nutty personalities. For instance, this is something Peanut always does when she’s “telling” me something:

And this is a face Bean makes when she eloquently says “HUH?”

I call it her Elvis face. She’s been doing it since birth.

Need a family portrait for your Christmas card? Need a good picture of your kids to slap in a frame and give to Grandma? If you’re anywhere near New Orleans, I 100% recommend Katie. Go see her site! Now! You can see more cute pictures of other cute kids I know and also look at her fabulous design work. You can also look under Photography in the Children section and see a photo where Bean looks like she was eating chalk. She wasn’t. She was just laying her face on the concrete where she was drawing. I’m telling you this so you won’t think I’m a bad mom who lets her kid eat chalk. Instead, I’m the good mom who lets her kid lay face-down on the filthy sidewalk and put her nose where people have walked. (Points for me!) Enough of my amazing parenting skillz…. this post is about Katie’s mad photography skillz….! I would like to sum them up in one sentence:

Katie, you rock!