I’m not on Team Edward or Team Jacob. I am not a fan of Twilight. Let’s be clear. But… the other day I was in the library and I saw a book. I was rushing to check something out for me while I was trying to keep my two littles from taking every other book off the shelves. I thought this was something other than what it was….

What is it? Some fashionable people took a fashionable camera to the streets of 5 fashionable cities and asked random people to stop and pose. Then they asked them what they were wearing. If they had stopped me, I would most definitely had said “Some pair of mostly-clean jeans and whatever tshirt I found in my closet. These shoes? Oh, they’re last-season Payless.”

Well, I flipped through the book to mock the fashionable (of course) and came across this very fashionable fashion plate…

Yup. Rob. You know, the vampire? Ol’ Edward Cullen himself. Looking very fashionable, too.

Poor Rob. Apparently he was broke back in 2004 when this book came out. Apparently the only thing they gave him to take his picture was a very bitter cup of coffee. I’m glad he has a better stylist now.

So, I laughed. It’s amazing how much this dude’s life changed in just a few years. It gives me hope. Perhaps in just a few short years I can truly achieve world domination. Or at least a good, uninterrupted nap.