A few weeks ago Bean announced that she didn’t want to go to Sunday School. Since the first half is actually just nursery childcare while we’re in worship service, we told her she could come with us. I warned her that we would have to be quiet so we didn’t disturb anyone else who was trying to listen to the Pastor teach. I thought this would dissuade her.


So, we walked in and saw that the service was set up for our quarterly Lord’s Supper. I got nervous. This was NOT the Sunday for her to try Big Church for the first time.

A note for the non-Baptists out there….. Here’s how we do it: They pass glorified offering plates of little cracker-things that are supposed to be the bread and little tiny juice cups of grape juice. Yes, grape juice. I know that Jesus drank wine at the Last Supper, but too many Baptists are teetotalers. It’s a time of reflection and reverence. It’s also usually accompanied by someone playing the piano/organ or singing a song. Not exactly fun stuff for an active 3 year old who has never been in the worship service. If you want to know more about what the Lord’s Supper is/means, drop me an e-mail or leave a comment…. glad to share….

We also believe that this sacrament is for believers in Christ only — any denomination is okay. But, kids who haven’t decided to place all of their hope and faith in who Jesus said He was and is — yeah, they can’t have the crackers and juice.

Of course she asked what was up. How do I explain this without sounding wacky? Without making it sound like uber-exclusive crackers & juice. That we weren’t sharing. And she couldn’t have any. And we all ate while someone sang a song and people were praying. I didn’t want to scar the kid, you know. And, I didn’t bring any snacks.

So, I started trying to explain…. and I think I did a pretty dang good job for someone parenting on the fly. I told her that we did that because it’s something Jesus ate and drank at a special meal with some of his friends. We do it to remember who He is and what He taught us. We also do it to remember that He loves us. It’s something special for people who have decided to listen to what He says in the Bible and who believe in God. I sighed in relief, thinking that I had passed this parenting test. She understood!

Slowly, she looked up at me and thoughtfully said: “Mama, my bootie itches.”

With that, she lifted up her dress and proceeded to scratch reverently and with reflection.



Dear Beanie,

I know that you’ve read this when you’re 16 and you found a copy of Mama’s old blog gathering dust in the external hard drive. You are shocked and feel betrayed that I shared this in such a public forum. Don’t worry, sweetie…. I did it so you’d have yet another topic to discuss with your therapist. We have to keep Daddy’s co-workers in business, you know.


Mama mab