Whew! I am almost — but not quite — recovered from last week’s Craft Fair. Overall, it was a smashing success! I was definitely pleased with the results. I have another fair in about 3 weeks, so I’m taking a few days off and then it’s back to work. I will be selling my remaining inventory and also will be making more fabric flowers and wristlet keychains. These both sold like hot cakes! I have only 15 flowers and 8 keychains left. Not enough for an all-day craft fair like the next one.

Thanks to all of you who were so encouraging! And thanks to everyone who stopped by! But, the biggest thanks goes to Rebecca, my sales helper for the night. She said at the end that she nearly said she wouldn’t help because she’s not a good sales person. This is totally not true. She was hilarious! She would holler at people she knew and make them come over to see stuff. She would call friends on the phone and tell them to get up there. She even would tell people all kinds of stories to get them to buy things.

Pregnant lady: This is sugar scrub?

Rebecca: Yeah. It’s fabulous! And, if you rub it on your feet it improves circulation. Oh, and your husband just stopped by here. He said if you buy it he’ll rub it on your feet for you.

(That lady just laughed. She didn’t take the bait.)

Three Tween Girls: What’s this?

Rebecca: Free samples of sugar scrub. Rub it on your hands and then wash it off. It smells good and makes your hands soft.

Three Tween Girls: Ooh! And this one smells good!

Rebecca: Yeah, your moms were here a few minutes ago and they said this is what they want for Christmas.

One of the Tweens: (looking puzzled) You know my mom?


Rebecca’s got mad selling skillz.