After my post revealing my fabric flower pins, I’m sure you’re amazed that I brought out my strongest weapon first. After all, people searching for World Domination through Craft need to keep some tricks up their sleeve.

And, I have…. mwuah-hah-hah-hah!

First, for those who want something more delicate, I’ve got Organza Flowers:

Big ones on bobby pins! Huge ones as brooches! People will be confused about pronouncing brooch as Broach or Broooooch and will make me their leader!

But, for the non-flowery who are still immune…


Side note: What’s up with the name for these doo-dads? What is a fob, anyway? I know it’s supposed to be something foofy and dangly that hangs somewhere — like how early earrings were ear fobs. But that’s dumb. And this isn’t foofy or dangly. It’s a sturdy cotton webbing loop that is attached to your key chain. You slip it on your wrist and you’ll keep your keys handy even if your hands are full of grocery bags or small, screaming children. I got mine for Christmas last year from an Etsy shop and ADORE it. So, I learned to make them. And I think the name is stupid. So, we should rename them. Any suggestions? I like KEY HOLDERS THAT WILL KEEP YOU SANE, but that’s too long.

Lastly, I have one more dastardly trick up my sleeve and it involves free samples. Oh, yes… free samples!

The sugar scrubs are back — yessirree! Last year these were a big hit. I didn’t make as many jars this year because I didn’t have many jars left in stock. Since the hub graduates in May and there’s no guarantee I’ll do the craft year next year, I didn’t want to buy another case of jars to leave sitting in my teeny tiny laundry room. So, this is what I’ve got. Those who get there early will get them. The peeps who are late will just get any free samples left in the ugly jars that I’m not selling. 🙂

So, there you go. My plan for WORLD DOMINATION continues. I’m off now to sew up my table topper and maybe work on some tote bags. Then, it’s to bed!