Here’s some late-night quick-and-dirty photos of what I’ve been working on all day. And why I have burned fingers. (When the hot glue gun says high temp, they really mean high temp! I read on the package that those suckers get to 385 degrees! Yo!)

So, the annual craft fair here on the campus where the hubster goes to school is Thursday night. Each year, I have a booth. The first year was a miserable failure. For reals. But, a tremendous learning experience. So, last year (my 2nd year) I worked super hard and had a great booth with great results. This year, I am not content with great results… I am looking for WORLD DOMINATION.

And it will begin with fabulous rolled flowers.

Then, I’ll pull out a secret weapon….


That’s right…! They come in bunches! So, I’m not a frilly flower girl, but I’m loving these. (If I do say so myself…)

Now I’m off to sleep. Tomorrow is another big, long day of work on this stuff. See, in addition to these fabulous rolled roses, I’m making key fobs, sugar scrub, jewelry, organza flower hair pins, and tote bags. If I get enough junk done tomorrow I can sew up some more totes I have cut out. Whew!

If you’re local, come by my booth at the craft fair. It’s in the seminary’s student center from 6 – 9 Thursday night. Or, call my hubby and give him moral support. He’ll be at home with the children and the house that is covered in craft.