We spent the weekend in the hospital with Peanut.

On Thursday afternoon she was snacking on some peanuts and started coughing. She spit out a lovely wad of chewed peanut mess all over my shirt and the couch. I changed shirts and thought no more about it. All day Friday she had a cough and some congestion. But, RayRay has been ill, so I figured she was catching it. Friday night she began seriously coughing, hacked up some nasty stuff, and then coughed up an entire peanut. Then she barfed. And I changed clothes.

Then we headed to the hospital. They did x-rays, gave her an IV, tested her blood, and started her on antibiotics. The conclusion: the inhaled peanut particles formed a spot of pneumonia on her lungs. They most likely were going to have to go in there and get the peanuts out.

Saturday afternoon she went into the operating room. The procedure required general anesthesia. I had held up through all of the other stuff (except the IV) pretty well, but at this point, I really wanted large doses of sedatives. By the grace and mercy of God, the entire procedure was super fast. They didn’t find any more peanuts (she must have coughed them all up), but they cleared the goo out of her lungs.

Yes, “goo” is a proper medical term.

She had a bit of a rough time that afternoon because she was exhausted, waking up from anesthesia, in a strange place, really hungry, and ready to go home. But, after a long nap and a huge dinner followed by time with Mimi & Poppy and more sleep, our precious Peanut was back to her normal self. We came home before lunch today. By looking at her, you’d never know she had spent the weekend in the hospital and had a surgical procedure done.

(No, she’s not in pain in this picture. This is how Peanut smiles for the camera. She’s saying “cheese.”)

This could have been a bad deal…. We could have been in the hospital much longer. There could have been infection. There could have been a reaction. Since she was also catching the hub’s cold, there might have been more complications. Instead, everything went as well as it could. I directly attribute this to all of the peeps who knew and were praying. God was very evident during this whole time! We had amazing doctors and nurses and everything went waaaay smoother than a hospital stay should go. In fact, the only complaint I have (other than my child aspirating a peanut and having to go to the hospital) is the fold-out chair for me to sleep in.

I think they got it mixed up with some sort of medieval torture device. Horrible.

But, it’s not like I could have slept anyway…. with my baby all IVed up and stuff.

What about Bean? Well, by God’s grace, Mimi and Poppy (my in-laws) were already on their way. As we were walking out the door, they were walking in. Bean had a fabulous time. She got to go to the toy store and get a toy for Peanut (and for herself). She ate lunch at Tick-a-fay (Chick-Fil-A — her favorite place) and played on the playground. In fact, today after we got back, she asked me if Annie could go back to the hospital so she could have Mimi and Poppy to herself again.

I’ll have to watch her over the next few weeks…. she may try to feed Peanut more peanuts….

Here’s the lesson for you parents: I had heard from several sources (including Dr. Bubbie, my brother who is a surgeon) to never give little kids peanuts. I think that there are too many super-over-protective people out there who tell us not to let our kids play in the dirt, run in the grass, or go outside without wearing a padded bubble suit. So, when they wanted peanuts, I let them have them. After all…. they could eat all kinds of other hard stuff. But, peanuts are different. Something about how the kids chew them makes them easy to go down the wrong way. So, take it from this laid-back Mama: NO MORE PEANUTS. Not until they’re 5. Then they’ll have the physical ability to chew them correctly.

Thanks again to all of y’all who prayed. I am massively grateful to God that our weekend hospital stay turned out to be so easily remedied and recovered from!