We can’t find our plunger. We’re not sure what happened to it. However, yesterday I have never wished for a plunger more in my life.

With one potty trained toddler and one obsessed-with-the-potty younger sister, wads and wads of toilet paper can end up in our pipes. So…. we clog easily around here. Yesterday, RayRay informed me as he was leaving for work that the potty in the girls’ bathroom was clogged up. I was leaving for some errands and things, so we decided to deal with it when I got home.

Well…. let’s fast forward through errands, some play time for the kids, lunch with Daddy, a trip to the post office, and my girls growing crankier & more disobedient as nap time approaches…..

When we got home, I went to put Peanut down for her nap. Bean announced that she had to go potty. I told her to take her potty seat into our bathroom and do her bidniz there. About 5 mintues later, she comes in and tells me “Mama, you need to help me clean the sink.”

There will not be pictures of what I encountered.

She had grabbed the toilet brush and began, um, well, digging around in there. Then, she would hit it in the sink. And she tried to wash it down. There was…. well, um… debris and potty water all over the toilet, the sink, their stepstools, and the floor. I wanted to sit down and weep. But, then I realized that I didn’t need to sit down anywhere.

Peanut got put in her bed rather abruptly and Bean was thrown into the bath. While she scrubbed down, I scrubbed the bathroom down. And then I called RayRay and informed him that Mama was taking the night off. From the moment he arrived home, he was on duty. He laughed at me. I told him that he could either comply or I’d let Bean tackle the clog again and I wouldn’t clean it up.

I got my night off.