My awesome friend Tara helped me take a bunch of photos for my Etsy shop, Ruby’s Retro City. Here’s some of the photos of new stuff!

Look at this awesome fabric! the little hunter dude is trying so hard to get those zebras and lions, but they don’t seem to worried about his aim.

This gorgeous vintage rose fabric is actually what inspired me to start my shop. I’ve got about 15 vintage fabrics listed, but I have literally hundreds of yards more to put up. What’s taking me so long? Read the post below if you want an answer to that question…

This photo made me crack up. I found this awesome set of vintage harlequin romance novels. GOLD ones. We felt that a set of gold harlequin novels needed a special backdrop. And special copy for the listing. Hee, hee, hee!

Loving these cutie owls! I don’t have them listed yet, but will soon. Or, maybe not. Since Bean hasn’t actually taken a nap yet (but has been turning somersaults in bed instead) and now Peanut has woken up screaming because of all of the bumping around.

Go check out Ruby’s Retro City and see the other goodies I’ve got up!