I sewed through my finger for the first time this week. Not while handstitching… I got my sweet widdle finger in the way of the sewing machine needle. Fortunately it just sliced through a few layers of skin. Unfortunately, it’s on the tippy tip where it gets bumped & hit all the time. Like just now when I typed the letter ‘t.’


So, the big freakin’ quilt I showed in the last post? It’s been quilted and the binding is being attached. (That’s the fancy term for the fancy strip of fabric that goes on the edge to hold all of the unfancy stuff inside.) I’m doing this by hand because a) I’m crazy and b) I want this one to look fabulous and last. It’s for my Beanie, after all.

Before I started the binding, I took it in our room. I had already laid it out on her bed to make sure it looked right. It was great. It fit on the top and had enough on the sides to be a coverlet. But, as I was quilting it, I thought “Dude, this is HUGE.” I put it on my bed and — sho’ nuff. It fit our queen bed.

Now, most quilters would know that they were making a queen-sized quilt before they started. Not me. I’m an improvisational, impatient nutcase.  I kept adding stuff until it looked right. And it went from throw to twin to queen.

So, why is this post called brain invasion? Because I have some fabric that is screaming for the right quilt pattern and I just can’t figure it out. It’s driving me nuts. I think about it when I go to sleep. I think about it when I eat cake. I think about it when I’m driving.


In other news: I asked Bean today what her nose was for. She thought for a minute and said very certainly… “Boogers.”