Dear Mama,

I will not be needing a super cool, shiny candy apple red Kitchenaid mixer when I move out of my apartment and into another place where the kitchen is actually larger than my vehicle. You’ll have to think of another awesome big Christmas present for me that year.



Hey everyone….. Did you see this? Who says being commenter #30,459 doesn’t get you something? That’s right… I won a gorgeous red Kitchenaid mixer from The Pioneer Woman. If you don’t read PW yet, you should. But, you shouldn’t enter any of her contests. My odds were pretty stacked this time, but with a tremendous amount of skill & by paying off the random number generator I was able to win. If a lot more people start entering these giveaways, my odds will lessen.

In all seriousness, I think I won the mixer because the Pioneer Woman reads my blog. She must! After all, my last post was about a pathetic attempt at baking and now I have a mixer. I think it’s her way of ensuring that Poop Cookies never come out of my kitchen again….