Tomorrow morning before dawn we’re all getting on a plane and flying to The Promised Land. What? Canaan? No way! I’m talking about Texas! πŸ™‚ (I love to use this phrase for my home state whenever I’m anywhere but my home state. Why? Because I’m a Texan. We’re bred to be proud and arrogant.)

So…. I know this is a shock since I’ve been posting all the stinkin time, but I probably won’t be posting much. I’ll be too busy napping, sewing, and eating Mexican food. In fact, my hometown is known for two things: 1) gorgeous roses, and 2) having either a Mexican food restaurant -or- a Baptist church on every street corner. In fact, there’s even one combo. I haven’t been to the First Baptist Church of Juan’s Enchilada Cafe yet, but I hear it’s great. The salsa alone is enough to make you respond to the altar call.