Beanie has a new bed. We got her a twin bed and mattress, but we’re still waiting on the bed frame delivery. So, she’s been sleeping on her mattress on the floor. During the day, it’s the girls’ favorite playground. And bounce house. We are constantly having to tell them to stop jumping on the mattress.

The other day both girls disappeared to the back and were having a great time. We realized a long time had gone by without either of them fussing, so the hub peeked in the room and cracked up.

Bean had taken off every stitch of clothing and was running around the mattress laughing. I am positive that Peanut would also have been streaking if she could have figured out how to get her clothes off.

(Spider Woman, you were thought of.)

Dear Bean,

I know you are mortified that I wrote this post. Don’t worry, honey. Your father and I are setting aside a fund to pay for your therapy when you are grown. Love you, poopsie!

-Mama and Daddy