Peanut woke up today and decided to talk. I mean, she’s been saying a few words here & there, but not much. A few weeks ago she said her first sentence: “I want cookie.” (Yes, she is clearly my daughter.) But, today she’s been talking like crazy.

I’ve been taking more pictures for my new online shop and she was helping me. The pics are blurry because I had the camera set to “fabric shots for my shop,” not “very active toddler.”

“Whatcha doin’, Mama?”

And a note to the grandparents: Yes, I do comb her hair. Yes, I do put bows and barrettes in it to keep it out of her face. Yes, she takes out those bows and barrettes and prefers to look through a mass of hair.

As for the shop, it’s not completely stocked yet, but I am still making sales! Yay! Here’s the link so y’all can all go check it out….